Give your Hydra Facial a Boost by adding a Booster to your facials. (NEWS)

Hydra facial is the world’s Top Hydra dermabrasion treatment designed to give you instant painfree glowing skin, using patent Vortex-fusion technology to exfoliate, extract & hydrate the skin.

Why not add a booster to your hydra facial next time you are in?

Choose from:

  • Murad retinol–Instantly renews the skin and plumps, minimises fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Britenol-Brightens and balance uneven skin tone, minimize dark spot and sun spot.
  • Regen gf–Peptide mimic growth factors to help promote healthier looking skin
  • Brightalive–Helps prevent the appearance of new pigmentation formation
  • Dermabuilder–Advanced age refining peptide complex enhancing skin’s elasticity,
  • Nassif md hydraglucan—Propriety cocktail of ingredients that will hydrate & rejuvenate skin.

You can also add on an Eye Perk or Lip Perk to finish your Hydra facial Journey:) 

*Hydra Facial Prescriptive- (standard facial with the added benefit of the booster vials) 70 minutes –

*Hydra Facial Platinum- (This supercharged treatment includes the six step facial, with addition of the vial of your choice (BOOSTER) and the perk lip treatment to plump the lip area OR perk eye to combat dehydration and fine lines) 90 minutes –