Hair Removal

No more waxing or shaving. Ellipse is an intensive pulse light (IPL) treatment that is virtually pain free and completely safe.

Ellipse IPL laser hair removal needs to be taken as a series of treatments to be effective. The number of treatments required depends on the areas treated and the type of hair. Clinical studies have shown that 6 or more laser reduction treatments are normally required for most clients.

Initially, a skin patch test and consultation is required, (£35.00), the cost of which is redeemable against any course of 6 treatments or more.

IPL Hair Removal FAQs

Q: How many treatments do I need to make it permanent?

A: Every client is different but generally it can take between 9-12 sessions to be successful. This depends on the area being treated and if you are able to attend every 6-8 weeks

Q: Is there any reason why I might not be suitable for the treatment?

A: Pregnancy or overexposure to the sun tends to be the most common reasons for unsuitability. It is also not recommended if you suffer from any of the following: cancer, heart disease, keloid scarring, anti-inflammatory medication, diabetes, vitiligo and epilepsy, or have a pacemaker.

Q: Can I continue removing the hair in between treatments?

A: You can shave the hair in between sessions but you cannot remove it by the root so no waxing, sugaring, tweezing, creams etc. This is very important for the treatment to be successful.

Please note that a patch test must be carried out a minimum of 24hrs prior to this treatment.

  Single Course
Lip £ 52 £ 260
Chin £ 52 £ 260
Sides of Face £ 60 £ 300
Underarm £ 76 £ 380
Regular Bikini £ 81 £ 405
Extended Bikini £ 98 £ 490
Brazilian or Hollywood £ 130 £ 650
½ Leg £ 163 £ 815
¾ Leg £ 184 £ 920
Full Leg £ 217 £ 1,085
½ Arm £ 108 £ 540
Full Arm £ 153 £ 765
Chest £ 153 £ 765
Back £ 163 £ 815