DermaQuest Advanced Resurfacers. (NEWS)

DermaQuest advanced resurfacing treatments work on the superficial layers of the skin, using powerful ingredients and enzymes to exfoliate the dull and damaged skin cells that often cause problems. Pores are unclogged, inflammation is calmed, skin texture is smoothed and excess oil production is regulated. These advanced treatments encourage cell turnover to reveal a healthier and brighter complexion immediately after your treatment. Rrsults will continue to improve over the following days due to the stimulation of new healthy cells beneath the skins surface. Designed to address all skin concerns, to target the signs of ageing, acne and scarring, pigmentation and sun damage, as well as being safe for a sensitsed skin.

( Consultations required. Your therapist will provide you with a treatment plan as well as pre and post produts guidance to expedite the healing process and maintenance of your skin for the best results.)