*NEW* OxyJet Rejuvenation Facial

Experience the powers of a Medical GRADE OXYGEN Facial!

This multi step facial is suitable for all skin types and includes the following elements:

  • Ultra Deep Cleansing with oxygen and blue LED light
  • Diamond Head Microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells and resurface the skin –allowing for deeper penetration of serums
  • Air Pressure Oxygen Infusion with a cocktail of bespoke anti ageing serums focusing on plumping fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sculpting and lifting Jowl Massage incorporating red LED light for an anti-ageing effect
  • Infusion of Medical Grade Oxygen directly onto the skin incorporating lymphatic drainage techniques
  • A cooling and soothing Hydrating Collagen Mask
  • At the final stage of this facial your body is treated from the inside out whilst you inhale pure medical grade oxygen and surrender yourself to a moment of Regeneration and Relaxation

Experience this customized facial to combat the effects of the cold winter! A wonderful anti-ageing treatment for all skin types that will leave you feeling hydrated and revitalized

OxyJet Rejuvenation Facial

70 minutes | £140.00