Danne Montague King Prescriptives

World leaders in paramedical skin revision.

World leaders in paramedical skin revision. Solutions for every type of skin problem – unhealthy, thickened, uneven, sun damaged, sluggish and dull skins. Advanced treatments can also treat specific concerns such as pigmentation, rosacea, acne, congested enlarged pores and premature ageing.

A world renowned, signature skin revision treatment designed to rapidly restore the health and natural functioning of your skin.

Paramedical enzymes activate skin proteins to consume cellular waste within the skin resulting in a much healthier, radiant looking complexion. The mask exercises facial muscles, opens up the vascular system and brings new oxygen to skin cells, encouraging the formation for fresh collagen and elastin fibres. It will instantly rejuvenate, tighten, tone, firm and brighten your skin.

Danne Montague King Prescriptives

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