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Dermalux – Lighting the way to better skin

Published: 30 March, 2016

Dermalux – what is it?

In a generation where we associate exposure to light as damaging to our health and skin, comes Dermalux, which uses safe light frequencies to actually improve our skin.

These days we are constantly being told to protect our skin against UV rays to prevent skin cancer and ageing. But different types of light have different wavelengths and give off different levels of radiation, making some more dangerous than others. Most are invisible to the human eye with the exception of the visible light spectrum. These are all the colours that we can see. It has been proven that, far from being dangerous, some of these light frequencies can actually be beneficial to our skin and well being.

Dermalux uses clinically proven wavelengths, blue, red and near infrared LED lights which are absorbed by the skin cells to create changes within them. This is called phototherapy. Different lights have different affects on the skin, allowing us to treat almost any skin condition. Light therapy can help to heal and regenerate, stimulate collagen, reduce inflammation, treat acne, improve pigmentation and treat eczema and psoriasis.


The treatment

A therapist will conduct a thorough consultation to identify your concerns. They will then choose the right combination of lights suitable for your treatment. It is possible to use one, two or all three types of light within one session. We may even use different combinations on each visit depending on your specific needs.

Goggles are fitted over your eyes for protection and the Dermalux treatment head is lowered over the face or other area of concern. The light is turned on, typically for about 20minutes. This is your time to relax and switch off for a while, whilst the machine does all the work.

This treatment is safe for all ages and conditions. It is suitable during pregnancy and for children. Available as a stand alone treatment or as an add-on to another treatment.

Types of light


Perfect for anyone concerned with ageing, the red LED light helps to regenerate the skin and speed up the cell renewal process which slows down as we age. It also helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production to minimise fine lines. It stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation to hydrate, flush away toxins and help with healing.


Perfect for anyone concerned with breakouts or acne, the blue LED light has an anti-bacterial affect and helps regulate sebum production. Its calming effect, soothes inflamed acne, redness and any irritation on the skin.

Near Infrared

Near infrared absorbs deeper into the skin, treating inflammation, scarring and pigmentation. It speeds up the healing process and builds strength for sensitive skins making it perfect for acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.


After your treatment you will see instantly radiant skin and improved skin tone. Increased levels of Vitamin D and serotonin may cause you to feel uplifted and relaxed. However, the best results come from having a course of treatments once a week either on its own or in conjunction with one our results driven facials.

Come in and visit us for a free consultation and advice on our skincare packages.